If you’re not up for tracking calories, macros or points, try this.

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When it comes to weight loss, it’s easy to fall into a trap of “all or nothing” thinking. In the minds of many, it’s either a total lifestyle overhaul or continuing on a path of unhealthy choices: there is no in-between. I argue that you are capable of making small adjustments to your daily habits that add up over time, and I’m a big believer in the mantra, “Just Start Somewhere!” There are plenty of people who feel too overwhelmed to make huge changes to their nutrition and…

Unexpected Growth from an Unlikely Athlete

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I hated running for the first eighteen years of my life. I disliked running so much, I made intentional plans to avoid it. As a kid, I would “forget” my gym clothes on P.E. day at school. I had anxiety leading up to the Mile Run Test in middle school and even in high school. I wasn’t as fast as most of my peers, gym teachers intimidated me, and it felt better to avoid it altogether. When I started going for runs in college, it wasn’t because I enjoyed it. I thought running was…

These are the Things I Wish I’d Known from the Start (from a slightly-less-new Mom)

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Recently, a pregnant friend preparing to welcome her first baby asked me what I wish I had known when I became a Mom. I’ve already admitted publicly here that my learning curve was sharp, but in three and a half years of Mothering I’ve had a few realizations that would have helped me a lot during those early, hazy months. Here they are.

  1. You’re the Right Mother for Your Baby.

Oh baby, is it a challenge to keep your eyes on your own paper when…

I’m intentionally putting less intention into my 2020. Here’s why.

On January 1st, 2019 I put a sticky note on my fridge that said “Choose with Intention”. It was my mantra for the year. No more letting life happen to me. I was going to happen to life. What I wanted was a year of excuse-free living with a laser focus on my goals. I got what I wanted. I also got a year of wearing blinders and seeing a lot of things in black and white that deserved to be seen in grayscale. I poured some time and energy…

My journey from perfectionist to realist as a new Mom

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When I got pregnant, I was celebrating successes in my life, both professional and personal. My husband and I were (still are) partners in an event production business that was growing and thriving. We loved working together and loved what we did so much that my job didn’t even feel like a job to me. I would describe it to others using air quotes… my “job”. I poured myself into my work and fulfillment poured into me in return. My clients added me to their personal Christmas card lists and wrote glowing reviews that brought happy tears to my eyes…

To what extent does Influencer culture feed on our own lack of self-confidence?

Remember before social media, when the word follower had only negative connotations? If you were a follower, you were not a leader. Being a leader was good. Being a follower was bad. In high school, the popular kids were leaders. Their minions were followers. Nobody wanted to be viewed as a follower.

Fast forward to 2019, and the Influencer has become a recognized and impactful engine for marketing and selling… well, anything. Increasingly, brands are partnering with social media Influencers to sell their products. Who are these…

Raising children is a full time job, not a side hustle.

“What are you going to be when you grow up?”

This question shaped my childhood. I’m part of the generation of women raised on Girl Power. No gender role boundaries would stand in our way. We could achieve anything! We were given a huge push toward career achievement, breaking glass ceilings, and doing anything men can do. But did that push shape us into a generation that dismisses the importance of mothering?

The careers that were glamourized during my young adulthood were business leadership roles. Women were overtaking the…

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